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We will be running our annual Holiday sale from November 15 until year end (December 31)! This sale will include all items sold from all of our sites, except our ioffer.com site. All prices will be 10% off of all of our items that are in stock only or if they are restocked DURING the sale period. NO rain checks will be offered for sale prices after the sale, unless previously arranged by Northstarzone. The prices listed on our sites DO NOT reflect the sale prices and we will be subtracting the 10% off the prices when we send out your invoices. The sale prices are for item prices ONLY and will NOT be taken off of any shipping costs.

Go To: www.northstarzone.com and check ALL of our sites!


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This is NorthStar Zone Newsletter for December 15 , 2010

We are currently running our 10% off everything Holiday sale until the end of the year. Everything is going smoothly this year with very few delays. The weather for deliveries is cooperating for the most part and the only days the mail or UPS hasn’t delivered on was Sundays and that is normal. But, soon the snow WILL come and we will do our best to keep things going on time.

A few new items this week have come in. They are 2 new Katanas and some new nice silk sword bags on the Oriental page. Some new deals for larger swords on the Specials page. And last, but definitely NOT least, a new Zombie slayer Machete/ sword on the Swords page. This last one in not for the faint of heart!!
Web hope your Holidays are going well and our sale is continuing nicely. Please keep in mind the tight shipping schedule so you can get your items in time for Christmas. We are trying to get all items out ASAP so there are no delays. For those of you who are waiting for the last minute, please be aware that some of the more popular items are selling out fast and that for some items we are not able to get them back in stock until well into January or early February.
For those of you who got strange emails about Paypal and our site last week, please rest assured that we have solved the payment problem! It seems that when an item is sold on Ebay now (since last November) they have a new policy about holding payments for a lot of the auctions. Apparently so it will deter scams and “false sales”. Or so I was told by Paypal representative. It seems that it would only tick people off if they are selling products, to me. Anyway we were told that it only pertains to Ebay sales and it would NOT affect our site sales!
So we are now pulling all of our Ebay auctions and just keeping our other “auction” and “ioffer” sites up for “auction and offer” type sales for certain items.
Thanks for being patient and hearing me RANT!

From Everyone here at Northstarzone, we want you and your Families to have a VERY nice Holiday and a VERY Happy New Year!!!

Thanks for watching… and until next time!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in our last big sale. We are sorry for any inconvenience for items that were wanted and were out of stock. We have been trying very hard to get all of our items back in ASAP.

The next big sale will be from November 15 until December 31 this year and will cover all of our websites. We will have 10% off of everything in stock on any of our related websites. Items included are limited to stock on hand within that time period stated above. Remember to order early to get best time for Holiday deliveries. We can not be responsible for any delays from any of our delivery services! We will be sending out email reminders a couple of days before the sale starts.

We want everyone to have a great and safe Autumn and we are looking forward to serving you this Holiday season. Everyone at Northstarzone wish you and yours a great Thanksgiving. (For those of you in the US) For all others have a nice Autumn season and enjoy the changing colors.
Thanks for watching!

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Alien Slayer Futuristic Spiked Tri-Blade Hand Claw.
16 1/2 “ overall. Constructed from solid cast metal coated in an antique brass and gun-metal finish. Full listing on the Axes/spears Page.
Our Price $59.99 +S&H

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Fair Maiden’s Dress
Our Price $84.99 +S&H
Full description and listing can be found at www.northstarwear.webs.com/womensclothing.htm

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We are having our Big Autumn Sale from October 1 – 15 and only items from the main site will be eligible. We are offering a 10% discount BEFORE shipping and will be for all items site-wide. All of our other sites will have similar sales in the first part of November and will include all of our family of sites. Exact dates will be posted!

Our “Specials” section will be clearing out items that we will be no longer offering online. If you are interested in ANY of the items on that page please do so asap. We are putting together a various number of items that we are sending away for an auction at a convention out east this fall. All proceeds from the auction will go to charity.

We are currently putting together an “on the road” store that will be selling at various flea markets, conventions and comic shows starting next spring of 2011. We are gathering up data on what area events would best suit our audience and needs for our selling platform. We will be starting out selling within a 150 mile radius from home and working our way outwards, if all goes well. If anyone has any ideas for a location please let us know.


Thanks for watching… and until next time,


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September Newsletter

This is NorthStar Zone Newsletter for September 10 , 2010

Thanks to everyone who wished us all good luck and blessings for Colleen’s surgery. All is better now and we will be resuming all of our daily duties in the office and warehouse. We appreciate all of our good thoughts.

We have many items on all of our sites added for the late summer- early autumn sales and we will be having our autumn sale coming in late September to coincide with our HUGE outdoor sale for the last weekend this month. We are sorry for the delay in our emails, sales, and web developments later this summer that may have confused many people. We had a huge family emergency and surgery to take care of. All is better now!

Below is a partial list of our sites that include new items. All others can be found on the top of the Northstarzone.com site main page!

**Our New Sister Site for Fantasy Clothing, Jewelry, Gifts, etc. is at: www.freewebs.com/northstarzone/

** If Renaissance or Medieval Clothing is your pleasure please check out: www.northstarwear.webs.com/


**Visit our new Tech toy site at: www.northstartech.webs.com

**Our Premium weapons page is still: www.freewebs.com/norstar1 (although some new weapons are listed here, most are only listed on the main site)

**If you are interested in electronics and other “Gadgets” please check out: www.newgadgets.webs.com

**If you are interested in quality Airsoft products please check out: www.airsoftpros.webs.com/

** If interested in SFTV/Movie collectibles and memorabilia go to:  www.northstar1.webs.com

Thanks for watching… and until next time,


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