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Happy New Year  from all of us at Northstarzone! We hope that everyone’s new year is great, safe and joyful!


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Big Autumn Sale!

Big Autumn Sale from Oct. 1 through Oct. 15. Go to http://www.northstarzone.com and email northstar@northstarzone.com for 10% discount!

This sale covers only items from our main site listed above. Our other sites will have similar sales in November!

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Journey’s Edge Dual Powered Charging Station

 The Journey’s Edge Dual Powered Charging Station is the perfect all-in-one solution to charge your mobile phone and power your USB device. The Charging station is Dual powered so you can charge from a power outlet or from your USB port and both the power adapter and USB cables are included. The charging station also has two built-in power ports and USB charging ports to charge and power multiple devices simultaneously.

Our Price $39.99 +S&H

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June Newsletter

Lots of new items this month with exceptional quality noted on the new Samurai and Ninja swords and daggers. All kinds of new items in almost all areas including some new anime items on the anime site to be added during the next couple of weeks. We are still working out the bugs with the new shipping guide and we are trying to get caught up with emails that we are getting swamped with over the last couple of weeks. It is nice to see a great range of items that is being asked for. New gaming and anime swords will be coming in over the summer this year with some really cool designs that are sure to please!

We will be expanding all of our sites over the summer and will be changing our “look and feel” of some of our older sites.

Our outdoor sale is still in the works because of weather. As soon as we are able we will be having the sale during a full weekend as soon as the rain stops us from having the items we want outside for sell-out items and older collectibles.

Our newsletter is quite short this time and we were unable to get one out in May due to family situations. However, it seams that all is well now and we hope we can stay caught up with everything. We thank everyone for their patience.

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Heavy Chinese Archaic Bronze Sword Replica W/ Wall Plaque
Heavy Chinese Archaic Bronze Sword W/ Wall Plaque. 23 Inch Overall in length. Exceptional quality. Great for replica collection of ancient arms.

Our Price $44.99 +S&H si

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New Edition Series L85 Air Soft Spring Lord. New Edition High Performance Spring Air soft Series L85 Air Soft Spring Lord. 2 Tone Black and Light Green Body Frame. Really nice combat gun, very dependable. Our Price $54.99 +S&H ei

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Memorex Blu Ray Full 1080p HD DVD Player
Step up to superb resolution, excellent contrast, and vivid color with Blu-ray Disc while the integrated DVD upconversion lets you continue to enjoy your DVD collection.
Our Price $169.99  +S&H  Note:For complete details see the “Electronics Page”

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