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I am an avid collector and merchandiser of SFTV/Movie memorabilia since 1976 and have been collecting for over 40 years I deal in Books, magazines, cards, posters, t shirts, action figures, comics, dvds, models, and much more. I range in items from the early 1900′s to the present. Are you looking for great SF, Fantasy, Anime, TV/Movie Collectibles and Swords, Toys, t shirts, dolls, action figures, Steampunk and MORE… Then look no further! Northstarzone has what you are looking for. We have a large variety of swords, as well as, dolls, toys, figurines, shirts, electronics and a whole lot more. Check us out … you won’t be disappointed. Most of our items can be ordered off line as well. We have over 15 websites in all for your Fantasy and Discount Shopping pleasure!

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